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Sat, Jul 8, 2017

Announcements, From the Editor

Hi, readers. We’ll keep this short and to the point.

Each time we’ve resurrected the ‘Pedia, it’s been with the absolute best intentions. This site means a lot to us, and we’ve been trying to keep it alive and thriving for maybe longer than we should have. Fact is, we just can’t keep up as it stands now, and we can’t keep rebooting and then letting it fall to the wayside because of our real life obligations. The ‘Pedia means too much to us to let it keep slipping when we can’t bring you as much content as we’d like.

As it stands right now, the Archive is still there. The site is still up and running, and we will probably continue to publish sporadic content, which we hope you’ll continue to read and engage with.

If you’d like to contribute anything to the site, feel free to contact us! A show review? Cool! A review of some new-to-you album you got from the archive? Awesome! A review of a new band you heard about? Great! Let us know.

We love the ‘Pedia too much to let it die completely. We’ll be here, in whatever form that takes at the time, as long as someone is writing, recording, performing, posting videos of, or just plain discussing Wizard Rock. You can’t really get rid of us, we’ve still got some more horcruxes left.


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  1. James Mahoney IV Says:

    Well, I’m happy you’re going to try to keep this site up. It’s still one of the most useful site for wrock news, considering the heyday for wizard rock is sadly long past.

    Not that the loss of a MySpace wrock bands page is news, but Nimbus 9million no longer have a page there, and no bandcamp. This is worse than usual because they actually had a profession sound, and had multiple, amazingly amusing songs. 39 minutes of music gone, forever, as far as I can tell. :/

    I know it’s not news in any real sense, but I am working on a list of bands who had a MySpace but no longer do, and maybe such a list could be used to either try to find anyone who had files of any of the bands, or to at least promote awareness of this sad reality, which is just going to occur more and more in the future. Not only is the genre ‘dying’ overall, the past music is literally disappearing forever, and considering it’s a ‘magic beyond all we do here,’ I think a memorial of some type might be in order in the future.

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