Wrock FAQ

New to wrock? Not sure where to find something you’re looking for? See if any of your questions are found on this page! If there’s something you need help with, send an email to and your question could be added to our page!

Wizard rock FAQ

What is wizard rock?
For more information about what wizard rock is and how it came to be, consult our Beginner’s Guide and our History of Wizard Rock.

I’m starting a wizard rock band. Do you have any advice?
Come up with a creative and original band name. Please check our Band Listings to make sure someone isn’t using the name you want already. Contact us so we can keep track of you, make music, and network, network, network!

Are there any shows in my area?
Possibly! A handful of bands tour on a regular basis, but there are also local shows happening in different places. We recommend checking your favorite bands’ profiles as well as the Wizrocklopedia calendar in the sidebar.

Are there any big wizard rock events?
There are a number of Harry Potter conventions and symposiums happening regularly, many of which feature wizard rock such as LeakyCon. There are also exclusively wizard rock events sometimes, the biggest of which was Wrockstock, in Potosi, MO. Larger wizard rock shows are put on from time to time as well, such as Wrock Wreggies. Regional conferences, such as MISTI-Con often have large blocks of wizard rock programming as well.

Wizrocklopedia FAQ

How do I get my band listed on the Wizrocklopedia?
Contact us by filling out our New Band Submissions Form to make sure we get your info!

Where do you find your news?
For a number of years, we used MySpace to help keep track of bands. In the last few years, bands have moved onto other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr to stay in touch with their fans, and announce news and releases. We do our best to keep an eye on those platforms, as well as sites like Bandcamp and Twitter, to find news to post. However the best way to be positive we have the best info on new bands, upcoming shows or new releases is simply to email us or fill out one of our contact forms.

I want to help with the Wizrocklopedia.
Great! We’re always looking for more help.
If you’d like to be a writer, please email a writing sample about your personal experiences with wizard rock to wizrocklopedia AT If you’d like to help us collect news, photos, or videos, or have some web expertise you’d like to share, just send us an email saying that.