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‘Pedia’s Back! Send an Owl!

16. September 2016


Hey guys! What’s up? What have y’all been up to? What TV shows have you binge-watched recently? OH WHAT’S THAT? The ‘Pedia is back??? YEAH YOU RIGHT, WIZARDS. Laura here, one-third of the Pedia Revival Squad. Really, it’s been Russ and Richard doing all the leg work on getting the site back up and running, […]

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Weekly Wrock Wrap Up

15. June 2013


Welcome to this week’s Wrock Wrap Up! Don’t forget to keep us updated on your Wrock news! General The Wizrocklopedia now has a brand new, fully functional calendar! You can access it right from our front page, where the 5 soonest upcoming shows will be displayed. If you have any shows coming up, please contact […]

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Updating Our Bands List!

22. April 2013


One of the biggest and most used features of the Wizrocklopedia since it’s beginning has been the bands listing. New fans have used it to discover new music, and bands looking to book shows and tours have used it to find contact info for potential show partners. Now that the Wizrocklopedia’s been re-launched, one of […]

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10. April 2009


What do you think? Maybe before you answer, you should look around a bit. Here are some of my favorite new things: First, look up. If you want to let us know about something, the Contact page has just about every option you could need. There’s a form for concerts, general news, and contacting the […]

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A Minor Snag

5. April 2009

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I’m sorry to say that due to some technical issues, the site won’t be updated today. We apologize for getting everyone all geared up for this and not following through, but some things are beyond our control. We’ll keep you updated, I promise.

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Site News

2. April 2009


Unlike the last site update we posted, this one is for real. The ‘pedia will be down on Sunday for some important updates. At the moment, we are being held back by some technical issues with the site that we want to fix. Ok, take a deep breath.

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Wrock Concerts Calendar

29. January 2009


I’m sure that you’ve noticed the new calendar widget in our sidebar by now. The Wizrocklopedia is happy to be your source for everything wrock-related, and that includes informing you about shows. Here’s the thing: to be absolutely sure that we are not missing anything, it is up to the bands to update the calendar. […]

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Apologies and Pleas

7. January 2009


To be blunt and straightforward, this post is my official retirement announcement. I will no longer be writing or contributing to the Wizrocklopedia. Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t contributed anything for several months. This wasn’t primarily by choice, but in retrospect I never did have the amount of time that was […]

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Closed for Maintenance

14. September 2008


I logged onto the Internet this morning to discover that the domain name needed renewing. It was a surprise to me, since I figured I would receive an email when such a thing needed tending to. In any case, the process of renewing our domain name has resulted in a handful of technical problems. […]

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Another WRock Discovery for You

28. March 2007


Yet another wizard rock band has emerged on the Internet, this time with wailing magical lyrics and metal guitar. The Wonky Cross currently have two songs on their MySpace page, “The Boy Who Lived” and “Colder.” Visit their MySpace to check them out. Also, feel free to read their entertaining FAQs.

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