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On The Availability of Wizard Rock

29. September 2016


Wizard rock fans can often be insatiable when it comes to listening to the music they love. They stream it, download it, buy it at shows, and very often want to expand their libraries as much as they can. That’s a wonderful thing. However, there’s one key issue that faces fans nowadays – the lack […]

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Wrock Wednesday – Beyond HP Conventions

25. September 2013


This week’s Wrock Wednesday is a special guest post from Scott Vaughan, one half of the wizard rock duo the Blibbering Humdingers. The Humdingers have made a name for themselves with their catchy, incredibly funny songs and have played countless shows, ranging from libraries to living rooms to Wrockstock to LeakyCon. Scott has some great […]

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Will A New Movie Inspire New Wizard Rock?

14. September 2013


In news that sent the Internet into spastic fits of pure joy, JK Rowling announced that she’ll be screenwriting a series of new Harry Potter movies based around “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”, one of her offshoot books (along with “Quidditch Through The Ages” and “The Tales of Beedle The Bard”). Not only […]

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MySpace Responds To Our Article, Then Promptly Deletes Blogs

18. June 2013


Back in May, we published an editorial regarding MySpace’s relaunch, and what that could mean to old wizard rock songs that only exist on a defunct band’s MySpace page. A number of articles were linked to, supporting our concerns that older information might be deleted, and a healthy discussion took place in the comments section […]

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On MySpace, and the Preservation of Wizard Rock

8. May 2013


It’s no secret that MySpace helped fuel the wizard rock explosion. In fact, I don’t think there are many wizard rock fans that can claim they DIDN’T spend at least a few sleepless nights constantly adding bands as friends and downloading new music when they first discovered wizard rock through MySpace. This is especially true for […]

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