Meet some of the staff and people behind the Wizrocklopedia.

Lizz Clements
Founder and Webmistress

Freya Fridy
Senior Editor

Freya is newer to the wizard rock community than some of the other staff members, but she makes up for it with her insatiable desire to research wrock on the interwebs. When she isn’t using her vacation time to travel to wrock shows, she is coming up with Question Tuesday ideas, reading YA novels, and foisting wizard rock upon her unsuspecting Muggle friends. Freya loves hearing from readers, so please feel free to comment or email!

Dinah (Saur) Russell
Senior Editor

As a fan of Wrock music since 2004, Dinah has tried to keep up with the quickly growing musical movement ever since. She has traveled across and around the US, the UK, and even to Sweden to enjoy the glory that is the Wrock genre. More than anything else, Dinah loves the people she has met and continues to meet through the Wizard Rock community.

Laura Dianiska
Staff Writer

Laura is known for forcing wizard rock upon her loved ones. She has seen Wizard Rock shows in venues ranging from a hotel ballroom to a children’s bookstore to an indoor soccer stadium. Laura spends her days molding the minds and fingers of middle school orchestra students, and her nights knitting up a storm. Born and raised in the South, Laura now lives in the City of Sin (Las Vegas), where it isn’t really as exciting as you’d think.

Maggie Hanna
Wizrocklopedia Twitterer, Staff Writer

Maggie stumbled upon Wizard Rock in 2006 having heard The Remus Lupins on Pottercast and hasn’t looked back since. She has tried (like many other fans) but severely failed at forming her own band so eventually she stuck with being a hardcore fan. She is also your typical, obnoxious college student. You know the kind that stays up late then complains how tired she is the next day and goes to sporting events and screams nonstop as opposed to doing homework. You know, that kind…

Camie Heller
Creevey Thursdays, The Wizrocklopedia Flickr, photographer

Camie has been a wrock fan since early 2006 and has traveled most of the east coast, a little of the Midwest, and up to Canada just for some wizard rock. She is also a college student at The College of New Jersey and is a varsity softball player there (which would explain her strange absences from the ‘pedia during the school year, softball controls her life then.) Camie is a member of the Youtube Group Channel Wizrockateers, where she is Friday.

Aaron Mace
Web Guru

Aaron is a 17 yr old from MO, who really got into the fandom when the OotP book was released. He slowly got more involved into things and now is in love with it. Since it’s what he wants to do with his life, Aaron is really into the technical side of things. He loves music, books, design, and all things about computers.

Ilka Steffens
News Collection

Ilka came into the fandom shortly before the release of Deathly Hallows and, living in Germany, hasn’t yet had the chance to attend very many concerts. Working for the Wizrocklopedia is her way to be a part of the community because she’s so far away from the places where the fun stuff usually happens. She’s determined to make it to Wrockstock 2009, though.