About the Wizrocklopedia

The Wizrocklopedia was created in September 2006 with the sole purpose of celebrating, promoting, and exploring wizard rock in all of its aspects. While the Harry Potter fandom is well represented as a whole, we felt as if the current information being provided on wizard rock, the music, and the bands was insufficient. We aim to record the past, present, and future of all things related to wizard rock and hope to shed more light on the movement itself. As a news and entertainment website, we intend to provide all the possible information a newcomer or seasoned veteran could wish to find.

Since beginning in September 2006, the Wizrocklopedia has been mentioned in articles published by Northeastern News, The Boston Herald, The Etownian, the Star Ledger, Movie Magic magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

For more information about who’s who at the Wizrocklopedia, see our staff page.