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Hey guys! What’s up? What have y’all been up to? What TV shows have you binge-watched recently?


Laura here, one-third of the Pedia Revival Squad. Really, it’s been Russ and Richard doing all the leg work on getting the site back up and running, as well as cleaning things up within the site as a result of the downtime. If you see them around Twitter (@russtopherb and @melkorsbane, respectively) please give them a shout out and a bunch of lightning bolt and electrical plug emojis.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a new domain name – Unfortunately the old domain name was lost, and immediately grabbed by someone else who has no affiliation with us, or wizard rock. While there is a website up at our old domain, it’s NOT the Wizrocklopedia you know and love. So be sure to change your bookmarks! We are talking about how to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, and we hope to share those plans with you soon.

I can’t speak for the entire team, but I know I’m super pumped to have the site back. I’ve been yearning for some fandom involvement since this summer, when I attended the Leviosa con in Las Vegas. I hadn’t been to a con since Leaky 2012 and I was beyond overdue. I forgot how magical our little fandom was and still is. I forgot what it was like to sit in panels with like-minded folks and discuss our little book series through a critical lens. I forgot how it felt to sing along to Draco and the Malfoys with a room full of people doing the same thing. (We were SO LUCKY to have Brian at Leviosa. He’s a gem and put on a great acoustic show where he worked out the kinks in a new Star Wars-inspired song about Kylo Ren crying all the time and covered In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out. It was awesome.)

All of this is to say, WE’RE BACK, WIZARDS. We want to bring you some magical music news and reviews. We want to bring you new music you haven’t heard yet. We want to throw it back and celebrate old-school wizard rock at its finest. We want to get involved and get our wands dirty. (Whoa, that took a turn.)

We also want to hear from YOU! If you have something you want covered, shoot us an email at wizrocklopedia AT, or by using any of our contact forms here on the website. You can also reach us through the usual social media channels: we’re @wizrocklopedia on Twitter, and on Facebook.

We appreciate your patience as we clean out the doxies from the draperies of our little website!

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  1. Russ Says:

    It’s great to FINALLY have the Wizrocklopedia back up and running! A few notes for anyone who works their way down to the comments section:

    BANDS – please send us updated links! We’d love to send wrock fans to your Bandcamp or Soundcloud so they can hear your music. Or perhaps your Facebook. If you have an updated link for us to use, please use the Band Submission form to let us know.

    USER ACCOUNTS – The ‘pedia, for years, would allow users to sign up an account here to subscribe to article notifications. Unfortunately that was overrun by spam bots, and I had to delete over 40,000 users accounts. The huge size of the database was causing some big site problems, which have now been fixed. Going forward, we unfortunately won’t be allowing User signups to help prevent this from happening again.

    It’s great to be back everyone! Even if we can’t post news & articles daily like before, at least the Wizrocklopedia is here for archival purposes 🙂

  2. Scottish Lauren Says:

    Ahhhh I’m super stoked to see you back up and running :-DDDDDDD

  3. Camie Says:

    Its lovely to see this back up and running 🙂

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