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Thu, Jan 30, 2014

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Its been a while since I have gotten any new photos to share for this site so I am posting a reminder on how to submit.

1. Wizrocklopedia Flickr: We use this because it is a great organizing tool and we can organize everyone’s photos so we can use them on the site, while maintaining everyone’s credit for the photo. I know I push it a lot, but it is such a powerful website and service, especially now that they give everyone a free terabyte of space to store photos on. Join the Wizrocklopedia group, and share your wizrock photos, and I’ll pull from them.

2. Email your photos to me:  Then I will post them (with full credit) to the Wizrocklopedia flickr acct. and put the photos into the pool for you.

3. #wizrocklopedia on Instagram.


I am always open to more ideas on how to share your photos with the rest of the Wizard Rock Community. If you have any ways of sharing that you would like to suggest. Please post in the comments below.

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